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Samsung Galaxy S21 Screen Repair


Samsung Galaxy S21 Screen Repair

Screen broken on your Samsung Galaxy S21 ? Get a quick and quality repair !

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S21 with broken screen, the touch function not working, front glass shattered or other related display problems, those will be all fixed if you choose this service. If your phone has only the front glass shattered, we still suggest you to fix it because it makes the display much more prone to further damages.

Damage to the screen usually happens when you drop the phone, cause the frame to bend, drop the phone in to the water or if you try to replace the screen without experience and professional tools. We always replace the front glass and the display at once since this is one integral part.

We start the Samsung Galaxy S21 screen repair from the heating of the back glass, which is the door to inside of your phone. The special mat melts the glue and allows easier disassembly. Next, we need to remove quite a few screws, disconnect all internal modules including battery, cameras, antennas, charging port and buttons. After that, we remove the motherboard and start to heat the front of the screen for easier removal. When the broken screen has been removed, we put the new one that has been previously tested. It takes some time since the liquid adhesive needs to cure. Before we glue the back glass, we check connectors and quality of the assembly.

If you are in need to repair your Samsung Galaxy S21 Screen, Please feel free to visit our flagship store in Melbourne or call us on 0450305480.

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