New Apple iPad Air 4 2020 repair and screen repair in Melbourne. Introduced in Apple’s Sptember 2020 event the new iPad Air 4 is a full screen without home button device. It has screen size of 10.9″. It has touch ID in built in Power Button. The new design looks iPad Pro-like, with a reduced-bezel display with curved corners like the Pro and recent iPhones. But there’s no Face ID camera: Instead, there’s Touch ID embedded in the top power button. This is a common thing in many other tablets, laptops and phones, but for Apple it’s a new move. It seems convenient, and possibly easier than using your face.

This is more expensive than the iPad Air 3, but the newer models have gotten some significant upgrades. Comparatively, the 11-inch iPad Pro starts at $1,329 for the 128GB model. Now to be fair, that is double the storage and the Pro has quite a bit going on under the hood. But considering what the new iPad Air 4 does offer, spending $430 less will be a no brainer for some people.

As expected, the Air has inherited the design that the iPad Pro got in 2018 – one with no Home button and relatively slim bezels around the edge. (You get a larger screen for the device size, but it isn’t an all-screen design by any means; then again, that may not be a bad thing given the way most of us hold our iPads and the fingerprints that would result if there was no bezel to put our fingers on. It also means there’s room in the top bezel for the front-facing camera, and consequently no notch.)

It is a very Powerfull and durable device, but just in case if you dropped and looking to get your iPad air 4 2020 repair, please visit our store or call 0450305480.

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