Oneplus 3 repair in Melbourne CBD and Australia. If you have broken your Oneplus 3 screen and looking for the reliable repairer to fix it within a day, look no further than Cityphones.

Technicians at Cityphones are specially trained for Oneplus 3 Screen Repairs. We understand the value of your device and we handle it with very care. The oneplus device is very high-tech and can cause further damage if not handled by professionals.

Our repair price is very competitive, but it does not decrease the quality of work we do or parts we use for repair.

Following are the examples of recent repairs done on Oneplus 3 phone,

-Broken screen or broken glass

-Broken LCD or LED

Broken home button

-Faulty charging port or phone not charging

-Faulty front and back cameras

-Faulty ear speaker or no voice

-Faulty loudspeaker

-Faulty headphone jack

-Motherboard issues.

For more information please contact us.

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