Oneplus Repair services and cost in Melbourne CBD Australia.

At Phonbeats, we are the team of trained professionals and ready to fix your device on the spot. Our repair comes with standard warranty from Phonebeats.

Oneplus 5t is flagship phone from Oneplus company launched in December 2017. It has all the latest feature and functions you can expect from a phone these days.

Oneplus phone is very duarble phone, but it could get more damage if not handled by trained technician. So at Cityphones, you do not have to worry about that.

Following are the recent examples of repairs on Oneplus phones,

-Broken Screen or glass screen

-Broken LCD or LED

-Faulty charging port or phone not charging

-Faulty headphone jack or no voice on headphones

-Faulty front or back cameras

-Faulty ear speaker

-Faulty Loud speaker

-Motherboard issues

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