iPhone Motherboard repair

Many people think what is iPhone motherboard repair and what is the motherboard. Let us talk about the motherboard itself. It is an engine of an iPhone or smartphone which controls pretty much everything on the phone.  If it gets faulty then your phone will not work properly or may fail to do lots of functions.

The general reason for the motherboard to get faulty are, drop on a hard surface, overcharging, the phone ran over by something, etc. When it is damaged, it is very hard to predict the time frame to repair it. It could take hours of work under the microscope. With Phonebeats, we have trained professionals in store to fix these sort of issues within a day or two.

We have done a recent motherboard repair job on this iPhone and it worked. The motherboard was terribly damaged and customer needs his data urgently. Data was recovered within a day.

Microscope plays important role in motherboard repair. Without this device motherboard repair is not possible. It zoom out the micro parts which are not visible by naked eyes. Having a good quality microscope can reduce your repair time and increase the productivity.

Having the best tools at your work place is the first thing you want. With Phonebeats we have them all to get you going.

Any dats recovery or motherboard repair please do not hesitate to contact us 0n 0450305480.