Apple watch 40mm series 4 repairs and screen repair in Melbourne CBD Australia. The most waited for the phone for the year for Apple fans. Apple watch is here, comes with wireless charging, NFC, megnatic charging cable, rapid charge and much more. As its very durable and highly technical phone, but still, there is a chance you can damage it easily. If you have accidently broken the Screen on Apple watch and looking for a reliable repairer to fix it within a day. Look no further than PhoneBeats.

With the Apple watch series 4 40mm, the company came up with the different style of phone model. The Teardown of Apple watch series 3 38mm explains the different approach to make a phone with wireless charging compatibility.

At Cityphones, we have fixed the following issues with Apple watch series 4,

-Broken Screen,

-Broken LED or LCD

-Broken Charging port

-Faulty Motherboard

-Faulty cameras

And much more, visit our store to find out more.

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