iPhone X Screen Freezes

Many people facing this issue where their iPhone X Screen Freezes and they are unable to use it. Apple launches its flagship device in 2017. It feels very frustrating when you spent top dollar for a flagship product and it just decided not to work properly. There are a few tricks you can do to force restart it. Tap volume up and down then press and hold the power button until it restart itself.

There are certain other issues which can affect the functionality of your device. A force restart is just a temporary solution to the problem. There is more need to be done on the phone before you can start trusting on your device again. Our expert and qualified technician can help you to fix it. Visit our flagship store in Melbourne CBD to have it fixed the same day.

iPhone Xs Screen Repair

iPhone Xs Screen Repair in Melbourne CBD.

iPhone Xs is the next generation of Apple iPhone X. Its the best iPhone and smartphone in the present market. It has all the latest features you can expect from the latest phone. Starting from wireless charging to dual camera and fast charging. Name the technology and it has it all.

iPhone Xs is the most durable phone, apart from that it has glass front and back. We all like to use our phones without case, just to get the real feel of it.

We recently had customer walked in with iPhone Xs broken screen but working LCD. Our repair technicians are able to replace just the glass screen on it instead of whole new LCD. Ensuring the quality and colors of the LCD remain as good as a genuine screen. Replacing just the front glass screen does not mean that we cannot replace the complete LCD on iPhone Xs, its just more cost effective and cheaper than doing the whole LCD itself.

At PhoneBeats we make sure that our workmanship is done properly and should not cause any further issue to your phone in the future. Phonebeats is also the first choice for many of customers in Melbourne CBD and surrounding area. Lot of good reviews and feedback received from customers everyday. If you are planning to get your device repaired, look no further than PhoneBeats. Call us today on 0450305480.