Huawei P9 Screen Repair lcd

$139.00 GST

-Quality parts to repair Huawei P9 Screen

-Repair time 1 hour

-Expert and trained technicians

-Standard warranty on repairs



Huawei P9 Screen Repair Melbourne Austtralia by Phonebeats. Huawei P9 Screen Repair could take upto an hour to repair, however our experts says leave it for couple of hours as we will check it properly to make sure any other problem does not effect the functionality of the phone.

If you have broken screen on your Huawei P9 and looking for reliable repairer to fix it on the spot, just visit Phonebeats to have it fixed.

At Phonebeats, we use the highest quality parts available in the market to make your it satisfied your need of repair. Our expert takes extra care of phones especially high-tech phones like Huawei P9.

When it comes to repairing, we repair all the problems related to the Huawei phones, recent issues fixed on Huawei P9 phones are as follow,

-Broken Screen

Broken LCD

-Faulty Charge port

-Faulty Headphone Jack

-Faulty cameras

-Motherboard issues

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