OnePlus 3T Repair

Oneplus 3t repair Melbourne CBD Australia by Phonebeats. Oneplus 3t is very high-end phone launched by Oneplus at the end 0f 2017.

It has all the high-tech features you can expect from an expensive smartphone. Smartphones are playing the big part in our lives. Whether you need to use navigation, call someone or search something, that all get in one device.

If you have broken your Oneplus 3t device and looking for reliable repairer, look no further than Phonebeats.  We have most of the quality parts available to fix your broken screen on the spot and make it look like new again.

Following are the recent damages fixed on Oneplus 5t:

-Broken Screen

-Broken LCD

-Faulty charging port

-Faulty headphone jack

-Faulty battery

-Motherboard issues

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